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General LED Electronic Message Centers

The Most Cost-Effective Advertising You Can Do

Many Different Ways to Purchase Our Signs

Cash Accepted

We offer a discount for purchases by cash or check.

Credit Cards Accepted


Custom-Tailored Monthly Payment Plans Available

In addition to conventional leases we offer accelerated leases and lease/purchase options that save you money overall, while still providing the opportunity to pay for the majority of your signs out of monthly profits.

Would a $99.00 per month payment, with no down payment, be preferable to paying for your sign up-front?

You can create the attention-getting signage you need to be successful, without short-term cost concerns.  Pay for your signs out of your business’s future, increased, cash flow.

Signs on Time Purchase Plans

If you want to lease or lease/purchase, rather than purchase your signs outright, and need help in arranging a lease, please let us know.

Our leasing companies can combine our signs with other equipment you need in one lease or lease/purchase package.  Equipment such as point-of-sale computerized cash-register systems, telephone systems, security systems, manufacturing machinery, etc. can all be leased.

All signs maintenance costs can be included in the lease package.

Leasing gives you the option to upgrade your signs package, to change your look, at no additional cost at the end of the lease period.

Pay as You Grow Purchase Options

In addition to conventional leases we offer accelerated leases and lease/purchase options that save you money overall, while still providing the opportunity to pay for the majority, or all, of your signs out of monthly profits.

Zero Down Options

To help you open your business we have worked with one of our lenders to create exclusive no down payment plans.

FastStart Payment Options

To help you get your new venture out of the starting-blocks, payment programs are available that help conserve your initial operating cash; no payments for the first 3 months.

Conserve Your Nest Egg™

CONSERVE YOUR NEST EGG.  0 DOWN, 0% INTEREST.Save your cash to operate your business.

We will help you apply for financing that allows you to make NO down payment with 0% APR for the first 12 to 15 months, depending on the plan you select, so long as you make timely payments.

The companies we associate with allow you to pay-off your loan any time you wish.

Why Do Companies Lease Equipment?

Eight out of ten companies lease some or all of their equipment.

Why do they lease? Because the flexibility provided by leasing allows them to have the most effective operation possible.

  • Leasing is Flexible. Customize a program to address your needs & requirements.

  • 100% Financing. There is very little money down with leasing - typically the first & last month’s payment are due at the time of lease signing.

  • Leasing is Fast & Convenient.  Leasing can allow you to respond quickly to new opportunities with minimal documentation.

  • Tax Benefits. The IRS does not consider an operating lease to be a purchase, but rather a tax-deductible overhead expense.

  • Improves Cash Flow. Lease payments are historically lower than loan payments.

  • Manage Obsolescence. A lease allows equipment to be returned to the lessor at the end of the lease term.

  • Balance Sheet Management. Because an operating lease is not considered a long-term debt or liability, it does not appear as debt on your balance sheet.

Delayed-Deposit Billing™

Significantly reduced initial billing to help you control your cash-flow.

Ask for details.

What Does a Sign Cost?

Of course you have to invest money in a lighted business sign so that it can create you income. But, a sign can’t cost you money, it has to make you money.  It is an investment to make your business grow.

So, when does an LED sign start making you money? Rather than guessing, let's use our Payment Plan CalculatorTM and take a look at your business to see if an LED sign is a good fit for you.

Payment Plan Calculator™

How much business will the sign need to generate to pay for itself?

You probably operate with a 25% to 50% cost of goods, depending on the type of business, so in most cases the sign theoretically has to generate $57 to $86 per day in increased business to pay for itself in 6 years.

The sign is a capital expense, and the interest paid is an expense, both saving you income taxes on your investment.  If you are in a 28% tax bracket this will return to you $22,395 in Federal Income Taxes you would otherwise have been obligated to pay during the depreciation period.  (Because of the PATH ACT you will recover over $17,000 of your $60,000 investment the first year.)  This reduces the break-even point by about $10.22 per day.

Would a beautiful six foot tall by twelve foot wide double-faced full color LED sign installed on a pole standing 20’ tall in front of your business attract $47 - $76 in additional business per day?

The United States’ Small Business Administration (SBA) has stated that an LED Sign in front of a business increases the store’s entire sales volume 15-150%, so your answer should be YES. As an example, when a Dairy Queen franchise added an LED sign in front of their 30-year-old business their sales increased $23,000 in less than three months! In fact, they had the largest sales increase of all 36 Dairy Queen restaurants in the region during that period!

 “In my previous 9 years of being in business I have never had 40 customers in a day.  Since you put up my Sunburst™ LED Display sign I have so-far averaged 53 customers per day, but my business is still growing again.”
Muhammad Faridi, MD, McAllen Medical Center, Dallas, Texas

"...they (American Red Cross) are so impressed with your company and the ROI of the signage..."
Lisa McNamara, American Red Cross

Of course it would!


The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act sets the Federal tax deductions for businesses that purchase qualifying equipment.  For instance, a $100,000 sign now costs a business $65,000 after taxes, if they are in a 35% tax bracket.  Equipment purchases under $500,000 are now expensed in the same year, not depreciated over many years’ time as in the past, giving a business an instant deduction of their investment.

Section 179 allows for Bonus Depreciation for businesses that purchase more than $500,000 in qualifying equipment.  With Bonus Depreciation these businesses can depreciate 50% of the entire cost of equipment over $500,000 acquired and put into service before the end of the year. This 50% depreciation bonus is also available for equipment purchases in 2017, but after that Bonus Depreciation will phase down to 40% in 2018 and 30% in 2019 before disappearing.  After 2019 uniform depreciation schedules will be the law for purchase totals exceeding $500,000.

The Best Way To Buy a Message Center Sign

Buying a $10,000 sign may be difficult for a new business.  As an owner you have to take the money for this sign from your startup capital, and that can be tough to do.  Many new businesses end up going with an ineffective "startup" sign that is super-cheap, to save on the startup costs.  They have grand plans to replace it with something spectactular ... after they have the cashflow.

But you CAN have the best sign today ... and only pay for the "startup" sign!

With our program you can get that a $10,000 sign for only about $388 a month, with only the cost of the permit up front!

You can have all of the advertising bang of even a large LED sign for even less than it would have cost for the ineffective "startup" sign!  You can even let the sign pay for itself.

There's no commitment necessary to see if you qualify for this deal, so talk to your Representative today and ask to get started!

Cost Information

"How much money should I budget for a new sign?"

The following estimates are based on information on the Pricing page that proceeded this page and includes all features.  It is a ball-park "budget" estimate of the general cost of an installed sign.  Because of the huge impact a new sign has on a business you may want to budget considerably more, depending on your particular needs.

One-color interior 6"  x 80" wall or window signs are approximately $2,000.

One-color interior 12"  x 80" wall or window signs are about $4,000.

One-color exterior wall 4' x 8' signs are approximately $15,000.

One-color double-faced 13" x 8' 4" exterior signs (one line of text) for a pole, pylon, or Monument sign add approximately $10,000.

One-color exterior double-faced 3' 1"x 8' 4" signs (two or three lines of text) for a pole, pylon, or Monument sign add about $20, 000.

Full-color double-faced 5' 3" x 10' 6 " exterior signs (five or more lines of text) for pole, pylon, or Monument signs add approximately $63,000.

Full-color double-faced Electronic Message Center billboards (12' 6" x 48' 3") are about $630,000.

Full-color double-faced 4' x 8' signs on self-contained trailers are approximately $75,000.

But, please, contact us to develop an exact plan to meet your particular needs - for free (see our "Design Center" page!)

If you are planning for the future, please bookmark our website as a "Favorite" so you can find us when you are ready. Thank you.  This is what we do to buy groceries!

The “Average” Cost of Advertising

Advertising Medium

Cost Per 1000 Exposures

Mailer (in Envelope)

  $ 790.00*

Mailer (Post Card)

  $ 380.00*


  $   7.39*


  $   6.26*


  $   5.47*

Average Channel Letter Sign*

  $    .14

Average Free-Standing Sign*

  $    .27

Average Free-Standing w/ Electronic Message Center*

  $   1.17

* US Small Business Administration figures.  Assumes 10,000 cars per day – a very conservative figure for ANY business street, only 1 person in each car, and only a 10 year useful life for the sign.  ALL very conservative!

Most of the Newspaper, Television and Radio consumers reached are not in most businesses marketing area, a 5 mile radius of their store according to the US Small Business Administration.  The actual cost of reaching a POTENTIAL consumer by these means is unknown, but much higher.

Mailing list costs are not included.

The “Known” Costs of Advertising with Signs Manufacturing Built Signs

Advertising Medium

Cost Per 1000 Exposures

Average ($5,000) Channel Letter Sign*

  $    .06

Average ($10,000) Free-Standing Sign*

  $    .09

Average ($60,000) Free-Standing w/ Electronic Message Center*

  $    .34

* Also assumes 10,000 cars per day – still a very conservative figure, the known National average of 1.59 people in each car, and a known 30+ year (so far) useful life for our signs.  Includes our known costs of owning and operating the signs (historical electricity, insurance, property taxes where applicable, in North Texas.)


Our Installed Sunburst Displays™ Message Center or Video Display Pricing Includes:

Balanced Array™ or Classic™ Series: included
Pre-Programmed: included
Electronic Message Center Color: Red, or Amber, or RGB
SolarBrite™ LEDs included
Electronic Message Center Display Capability: 256/4,000/26,000/6,000,000/4+ billion shades/colors
Electronic Message Center Matrix: varies by size
Electronic Message Center Display: Balanced Array™ 6, 8,  or 10 mm
Resolution (Pixels per Square Foot) (6, 8, 10 mm): 9376, 5848, 3720
LEDs per Square Foot (6, 8, 10 mm): 2344, 1462, 930
Electronic Message Center Viewing Angles: 170° horizontally, 85° vertically
Electronic Message Center Minimum Character Size: varies by size, 2 3/8" minimum
Display Appearance: retainer faces or bleed faces
Glare Shields: individual shields and curved
SolarGuard™ Protection included
Lumabrite™ Protection included
Open Architecture Programming Software: included
Both Superior™ and Enhanced™ Operating Modes: included
Electronic Message Center Text/Graphics Capabilities: both
Text-over-image: included
Pre-programmed Fonts: included
Clip-Art: included
Video: included
Pre-programmed Video: included
Animation: included
Slide-shows included
64 GB Non-volatile Memory: included
Temperature-controlled Power Ventilation: included
Double-faced Signs Single/Double Programming Option: included
Electronic Message Center Time & Temperature Option: included
Electronic Message Center Software Training: included
Free Lap-Top Computer Pre-Programmed for the Sign: included
Electronic Message Center Computer Link Type: Wi-Fi Wireless Modem Standard
Group Links: optional
Programming via Internet: optional
UL or ETL Listed (varies by type of sign): included
Internal Processor - Not a Computer

Does Not Operate on "Windows":

Double-faced Signs Manufactured Enclosed In Single Cabinet: included
All Aluminum Exterior Metal: included
Structural Steel Interior Frame: included
CNC Precision Manufacturing: included
Ceramic Vacuum Microsphere Shield included
Painted with Signlux Paint Systems™ Automotive+ Paint: included
MIL-I-46058C US Military Specification Electrical Insulating Coating: included
H2ORepel™ Waterproof Interior Coating: included
Self-Cleaning Sign Faces: included
Design Center and Drawings: included
   Sign Placement/Sizing Drawing: included
  Permit Survey: included
 Permit Drawings: included
Landlord Drawings: included if required
Engineering: included
Engineering Drawings: included
ANSI/UL 5.2 24 hour Temperature Rise Tested: included
ANSI/UL 5.5 24 hour Electrical Usage and Stability Tested: included
ANSI/UL 5.7 Gasket Aging Tested: included
ANSI/UL 5.8 Gasket Adhesion Tested: included
ANSI/UL 5.9 Exclusion of Water Tested: included
ANSI/UL 5.3 Hi-Pot Tested while the Sign is Wet: included
ANSI/UL 5.1 Bond Impedance Tested: included
ANSI/UL 8.2 Electronics Input Tested: included
ANSI/UL 8.12.1 Electronics Humidity Tested: included
 (IEC/EN 61000-4-1 thru 6-4) EMI and EMC Tested: included
Mil Std 883 High Temperature Tested: included
Mil Std 810 Altitude Tested: included
ASTM D149-09 Dielectric Voltage Withstand Tested: included
UL or ETL Listing: included
Permit Filing: included
 Delivery Cost: included
Pre-Installation City Inspection: included if required
State-licensed Installation: included
QualityCertifiedSigns™ Trained Technicians Utilized: included
 Post-Installation City Inspection:  included if required
LIFETIME* Warranty: included
Zap Protection™: optional
Zap Insurance™: optional
Sales/Use Tax: plus tax or State of Texas Exemption Certificate
City Sign Permit Cost(s): additional at cost
Free Co-op Advertising: included
Grand Opening Package: included

What Our Message Center Pricing Does NOT Include:

"Our brand new sign looks terrible when it lights.  All splotchy and uneven.  The company that installed it refuses to correct the problem.  It is killing our business.  Fix it, but keep us informed as to the cost."
Delores Vasquez, Nations Video  (They spent $2,000 repairing their brand-new sign.)

"Our LED electronic-message-center, which cost us over $28,000, failed when it was 2 weeks old.  The company that installed it refuses to repair it - saying it can't be fixed.  The manufacturer refuses to fix it also.  Please repair or replace it."
Mark McCarthy, Harvest Christian Fellowship  (We had to replace it, they had to sue the manufacturer and installer.)

"I cannot express how disappointed we are to learn that our two-year-old $70,000 message center cannot be repaired.  I obviously wish we had purchased a good one from you."
Apostle Lobias Murray, Full Gospel Holy Temple

"Our electronic-message-centers were nightmares.  Even though they were only 2 years old the manufacturer refused to service them."
Major Vincent, Salvation Army

Controlling Message Center Cost

EMC with fixed messages added.Electronic Message Centers cost a lot of money, but they achieve tremendous results.

To keep from spending more money than necessary, consider the design of your sign and the results you want to achieve.

Rather than purchase a larger, blank, rectangular message center and display your name and all other information on it, consider incorporating signage that constantly displays the messages you want to constantly display.  It will cost EMC with fixed message components.less, and look better!

Because we manufacture and install all types of signage, not just electronic message centers, we can design, build, and install the most cost efficient and effective signage for you (see our "Design Center" page!)

You May Qualify for a "Better than Free™" Sign

Dependent on your location, Sunburst Displays™ may be able to offer you INCOME from a FREE pole, pylon, monument sign, or electronic message center.

Contact us for exciting details!

Fraud Protection

All signs maintenance costs can be included in the lease package.

Leasing gives you the option to upgrade your signs package, to change your look, at no additional cost at the end of the lease period.

Potential Texas Sales/Use Tax Savings – Separated Contract

If we are manufacturing and/or installing a newly constructed sign on a newly constructed building, or a new free-standing sign, the State of Texas only requires Sales/Use Tax to be paid on our cost of the materials, NOT the full price of the sign, because of the “Separated Contract” we will offer you.

Our invoices are the controlling part of a “Separated Contract.”  In the instances above we will provide you with an invoice which is written to reflect Texas Sales/Use Taxes for the materials only.

If we are providing a Sunburst Displays™ Message Center you will save much more than you can from most our competitors.  Because we are actually the manufacturer, we must charge sales tax only on the cost of our raw materials, not what we paid someone else to build and ship the sign to us for.

This fact will save you thousands of dollars!

Securing Your Investment

“After being ripped-off by one sign company, who took my several-thousand-dollar deposit but never delivered my sign, I was nervous.  I’m sure glad I met you guys!”
Paul Lewis, Jubilee Mortgage

All too often we hear about sign companies who took deposits from customers but never delivered their signs.  In every instance, because the sign company had few assets, there was no recourse.

We are also told of companies that don’t pay for the materials used in a sign, and/or never pay their laborers, in which case(s) THE CUSTOMER is legally liable for these bills EVEN THOUGH they paid the sign company!

Sunburst LED Signs™ protects our customers, as the law allows, by providing them with both “Partial” and “Final” Lien Releases to legally protect them should ANYONE question whether we paid for materials and/or labor.

We also offer all our customers to be listed as "Additional Insured" for free on our $3,000,000 insurance policy, providing coverage if we default.

Also, size DOES matter.  Our size, our investment in the community, and our State licensing, insures our customers that we will be here to deliver and install our signs (and to back our LIFETIME* Warranty if our signs need service.)

Sunburst Displays™ is insured, registered, licensed and bonded per City and State regulations, and carries product liability insurance.  We are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, P. O. Box 12157,  Austin, Texas 78711, 1-800-803-9202, 512-463-6599; website: www.license.state.tx.us/complaints.

"Our ($70,000) electronic-message-centers were nightmares.  Even though they were only 2 years old the manufacturer refused to service them.  Your new signs, and your service, have been exceptional."
IBOC Christmas Message on Electronic SignMajor Vincent, Salvation Army

"We paid $34,000 for a full-color LED message center from Wal**** Signs & Lighting.  It took them 11 months to get it installed.  It is now 4 months old and has never worked in full-color mode.  They don't know how to make it work.  Can you fix it?"
Jack Miller, Grace Point Church

"...the sign will be dismantled.  ...not knowing when and how to get parts was a major factor..."

Cathy Clarke, Johnson Elementary School, Southlake.  They are throwing away their $40,000 six-month old sign because they can't get parts to repair it (company out of business.)

"...I had to hound Vital ***** (a sign broker) for weeks and weeks, then I had to call ******** (the manufacturer) to finally get a hold of Vital *****.  I thought Vital ***** was taking my deposit money and running.  When he asked for the second deposit I was kind of hesitant based on my experience with him.  I did some research on Vital ***** and there were judgments in Dallas County, civil judgments for Vital ***** taking money and not putting up a sign!  But the manufacturer said I had to deal with him, and he already had a great deal of my money.

The installation company he subcontracted with, City *****, finally did show up and after giving them another $30,000 the sign was installed but City ***** didn't pay Vital *****, I guess, his "fair cut" of it.

Vital ***** was initially mad at City ***** and then he was mad at me, so he came and took the controller out of the sign so now it doesn't even work!  I tried to go back to ******** (the manufacturer), and gave them all of the documentation and they said it's between me and Vital *****, they won't do anything about it.  I'm never dealing any way but directly with a manufacturer again!"
Mr. Sinkler, Freedom Wash

LED Message Center Rentals

Sunburst Displays™ rents sunburstleddisplays™ LED full-color digital animated electronic message centers.

Contact us for details. 

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